Info About Your Local Orthodontist In Aurora IL

Considering looking for an orthodontist in Aurora IL? The thing that led you to seek this type of treatment could be any reason related to the positioning of your teeth. Your orthodontist in Aurora IL may start treatment at nearly any stage in life, depending on the issue and the individual. This means that an orthodontist in the Aurora area could easily treat patients ranging from pre-teens up to senior citizens. This article covers some of the most common dental issues that lead people to seek orthodontic help. -Protrusion of the front teeth: This is a quite common reason for patients to visit an orthodontist in Aurora IL. Usually, the protrusion of the front teeth develops from childhood, typically when the adult teeth grow in. If the problem is not corrected then the teeth will either stay in that position or gravitate even further outwards over time. Generally people with protruding front teeth want to correct this issue for cosmetic reasons. -Crowded teeth: Crowded teeth are overlapped on each other because there is simply not room in the mouth for the amount of teeth. This usually happens in young people who have smaller or more narrow jaws. Often, the orthodontist will pull some of the unnecessary teeth to allow room for the others to grow in properly. -Overbite: Overbite is a fairly common problem today, and is easily correctable with the help of your orthodontist in Aurora IL. The overbite will basically occur when the top teeth are too far in front of the back ones when the jaw is closed. Some overlap is normal, but a large distance between the top and bottom teeth when the jaw is closed can cause a number of issues for chewing, eating, speaking, and normal use of the jaw. -Underbite: Less common than overbite, underbite occurs when the bottom teeth fall well inside the top teeth when the jaw is clenched. Like overbite, the is a jaw position issue that your local orthodontist can correct before it causes any serious damage to the teeth, the jaw, or the your basic functionality. -Open Bite: Open bite is a term used to describe a jaw issue that causes a gap between the top teeth and the bottom teeth. Essentially, the jaw does not close properly and this can prevent the patient from speaking, chewing, and eating properly. While a more difficult correction than the underbite or the overbite, the open bite is often expertly managed by your skilled local orthodontist. -Spacing Issues: Spacing issues can occur in any part of the mouth and your orthodontist in Aurora IL can correct these easily with the use of dental devices like retainers and braces. Spacing issues may be limited to a single gap, for example a gap in between the two front teeth is fairly common. Conversely, some patients have spacing issues all throughout the mouth, with each tooth having too much space on either side so that none of the teeth are actually touching each other. Usually dental devices can entirely resolve spacing issues, but in some cases your orthodontist may also use dental materials like ceramics to fill in the most stubborn gaps, creating a look that very closely mimics what the teeth should ideally appear like naturally. Finding Your Orthodontist in Aurora When you are trying to find your new orthodontist, you might want to go with a recommendation from your current general dentist, or you may wish to get recommendations from friends who have had braces Aurora IL. While your orthodontist Yorkville IL is certainly not limited to braces, this is probably the job they do the most often and thus the one that most patients will recognize them for. For more on finding an orthodontist in Aurora, IL, visit