3 Ways Your Dentist Knows If You Need A Root Canal

There are times when you may know that one of your teeth needs major work, but it's more common to find out you need dental work simply from visiting a dentist. Dentists are trained to locate and fix problems with teeth, and one type of procedure that is sometimes needed to fix a tooth is a root canal. A root canal is not a highly-desired procedure by patients, but it is often the only way to save a tooth, and here are three ways your dentist will know if your tooth needs this procedure.

Your tooth is severely damaged

The most obvious way for a dentist to know that you need a root canal is when the tooth shows the need for one. A tooth that is severely damaged often indicates to the dentist that there is a major problem with the tooth. When the damage extends deeply into the tooth or is affecting the area of the tooth right next to the gums, it is usually a good indication that the tooth will need a root canal. In addition, the dentist will look for swelling and redness near the tooth, as these are signs of infection.

The x-rays show it

To verify that a tooth needs a root canal, a dentist will always take x-rays of the tooth. The x-rays will not only show the tooth, but they will also show the roots of the tooth and the canals of the tooth. A tooth may have only one canal, or it may have multiple canals, and the x-rays will also show this. If the canals are shaded darkly, it typically means they are infected. The only way to fix infected roots is by cleaning them out and filling them back in with a material that is similar to the material used for fillings.

Your symptoms describe the need for one

If the dentist did not see a problem with your teeth and has not yet taken x-rays, he or she will probably take a better look at your tooth and then decide to take x-rays if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Pain in your mouth
  • Bleeding in your mouth
  • Sensitivity with your teeth
  • Drainage of fluid by a tooth

These are all symptoms of an infection in your mouth, and a root canal is often the only way to fix a tooth that has infected roots. If you are experiencing any problems with your teeth, visit a dentist today to find out what work is needed to fix the problems. To learn more, check out websites like http://www.premierdentalgrp.com.