What To Expect: How Aging Can Impact Your Teeth

As you get older, your mouth can begin to show its age. The wear and tear of daily use of your teeth is going to have an impact, and over the years they will begin to show it. Not only will this have an impact of the cosmetic value, but it can also result in painful tooth pain. The following are some things you can experience if you are not taking proper care of your teeth as you age:

Exposed Roots

One of the most painful things you can go through when it comes to your teeth are exposed roots. As you age, the gums can gradually recede, which can result in the base of the teeth being exposed. This will expose the roots to the air, things you drink, and food. When your roots are exposed, you will quickly begin to notice sharp pains in your teeth. This pain results due to the roots not being covered in enamel as they should be. The roots are a porous area that can quickly become infiltrated by bacteria and cause painful cavities and other problems. This is an issue you will need to have looked at immediately once you notice major tooth sensation when eating and drinking.

Losing Teeth

One thing you do not want to happen is tooth loss. Gum disease, cavities, and decay can result in teeth needing to be removed. If you begin to lose teeth for these reasons, you may notice a change in your bite. It will affect how you chew and even the shape of your face. It could also have an impact on your ability to speak properly.


As you age, you may also notice that your teeth begin to darken in color. The plaque can build up and can impact the dentin in the teeth. If this is not dealt with as soon as possible, you may stain the interior of the teeth and not be able to whiten them.

Dealing with teeth issues as you age is simply a fact of life. It can be both frustrating and emotionally draining. You should always make every effort to take care of your teeth through proper oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist, as this will help prevent many of these problems from getting worse. If you find that you suddenly endure pain or suddenly have a tooth break off, see the dentist as soon as possible to make the necessary repairs.