A Guide To Common Dental Treatments For Children Who Are Competing In Beauty Pageants For The First Time

If you've been told by many people that your child is beautiful and talented and you're aware that he or she has an outgoing, competitive personality, you might have already considered enrolling your little one in a beauty pageant. Unfortunately, being naturally attractive is rarely enough to let your child walk away with the big prize. For example, even though your son or daughter has healthy teeth and gums, their natural smile might still count against them during the contest. Therefore, when you want your child to have the best chance of winning, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the following popular dental treatments commonly used by winners of child beauty pageants.

The Pageant Flipper

The pageant flipper has gained much of its recent popularity due to the pageant circuit, but has actually existed in various forms for years. As a prosthetic that has often been used during momentous events for adults who weren't happy with an aspect of their existing smile, it has always been custom-made according to the precise dental needs of the wearer. It has been favorably compared to a denture or partial since they are all made of a strong acrylic material and doesn't require any existing teeth to be removed prior to its use. Today, your pediatric dentist can provide your son or daughter with a flipper that permits the same benefit.   

Now often seen on the children's pageant circuit, it covers the gaps or other imperfections that often appear in a child's mouth as they age and their adult teeth start to come in. In addition, it attaches to the natural teeth in the same way that a retainer would, and thus, is quite secure. When your son or daughter wears it on stage, the judges will only see a stunning, white smile...and that's likely to be documented as the contestants are scored.

Professional Whitening

Unfortunately, flippers are not always allowed at pageants and some parents are uncomfortable with their use. In that instance, a viable option to consider is teeth whitening, provided by their dentist as an in-office or otherwise prescribed experience. That is important because even though the results of kits you can buy in the store are frequently significant, there is the risk of damaging your child's teeth. 

In addition, there have been reported cases of pain, discomfort and overly sensitive teeth and gums occurring after the use of at-home dental bleach or whitening treatments. By receiving that treatment in the office, the medical supervision can often provide the superior results you want. In addition, by being seen in the office for whitening treatments, the dentist can determine why the stains are present and advise about preventing their return, if applicable. Sadly, some stains can return, especially if they related to congenital or acquired defects or if they exist due to the use of certain antibiotics during the previous years.

For better results, it's best to consult with your child's dentist to determine what the safest and effective way to lighten their teeth will be. At the same time, it will be similarly helpful to determine when the best time to schedule that visit will be, as scheduling it too far before the pageant could impact the immediate appeal and positive results of the procedure.

In conclusion, beauty pageants are often an opportunity for contestants to spend time in social settings with like-minded children and improve their self-esteem through healthy competition. Since winning is the ultimate goal of competing, it's best to give your son or daughter the best chance they have at doing so. Fortunately, the above information about improving their smile for the contest is a great way to get started.

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