A Few Causes Of Gum Disease To Consider

Gum disease is one of the most common oral ailments, and you may find yourself fighting off gum disease even if you care for your gums diligently. Well, the issue has a multitude of causes outside the ones that are directly associated with oral care. Keep reading to learn about a few so you can attend to the ailment a bit better.


It may seem shocking, but gum disease can have a genetic component. This means that if your mother or father was prone to the issue, then you may be as well. While genetic testing can be completed to locate the genes associated with illnesses like gum disease, it is often easier to ask your family members if they have similar issues. If so, then a more aggressive approach to gum disease may be necessary to keep it under control.

Aggressive gum disease treatment involving root scaling and planing may be recommended by your dentist. Normally, these treatments are used in cases where more traditional ones have failed. However, if you are susceptible to gum disease, immediate treatment is ideal so that tooth loss and bone loss does not become an issue.

In addition to the treatments, your dentist may provide you with a prescription rinse for short term use. The rinse, which is often used after oral surgery, will eliminate a great deal of the bacteria in the mouth and this will reduce your overall gum disease risks. 


Stress is associated with gum disease as well. You may already know that stress can lead to the prevalence of ailments like high blood pressure and cancer, so the increase in gum disease risks may not be too surprising. In general, stress keeps the body from fighting off infection as well as it should. The result is minor and aggressive infections in the body, like gum disease. The issue also develops as stress triggers inflammation in the body.

Traditional treatments like dental cleanings and at-home cleanings can help to treat the issue. However, you will also need to work on combating your stress. This allows for the reduction in the stress hormone cortisol that causes most of the stress related health problems. Exercise, meditation, deep breathing, and talk therapy can all assist you.

While it is hard to reduce stress completely, minimizing it can assist you with retaining your oral health. 

If you want to know more about gum disease and why the ailment may be causing you some difficulties, make arrangements to see your dentist