What To Expect From Your Teeth While Pregnant

When you're expecting a baby, you may just naturally be making healthier choices when it comes to food, activities and more. This is the time where you take your prenatal supplements, see your doctor frequently and make every effort to ensure that you give your precious unborn child every opportunity to grow and thrive. Sometimes, however, the health of your mouth gets overlooked. Being pregnant may place some unexpected demands on your dental health, so read on to learn more about taking care of your teeth and gums while you are pregnant.

Hormonal Changes

Hormones rule our bodies, particularly pregnant bodies, and some of the same beneficial hormones that make your body prepared to grow a baby and give birth to it can sometimes cause some changes to your mouth. One major player, progesterone, increases during pregnancy and this increase could cause gum inflammation. This inflammation could in turn lead to a more serious gum disorder called gingivitis. A bit of blood on the toothbrush when brushing is usually the first sign of this gum inflammation.

Dangerous Changes

Unfortunately, gum inflammation that leads to gingivitis is only part of the problem and if the gingivitis goes untreated and uncontrolled it could lead to a far more dangerous disorder, periodontitus. This disorder can be disastrous for you and your unborn baby, sometimes leading to premature labor and having babies with lower than usual weights. The simple solution is more frequent and deeper cleanings, such as scalings.

Morning Sickness Woes

You may hate this particular part of being pregnant, but frequent vomiting can cause a lot of damage to your teeth as well. If you have noticed some extra sensitivity to cold or hot liquids, your enamel may have sustained some damage from morning sickness. Have your dentist take a close look at your teeth for tiny cracks and areas of weakened enamel in a effort to head off worse problems. Don't worry, however, your enamel will return to normal in "due time"!

Put Off Some Procedures

If you need some of the more serious procedures, you may want to reconsider and put them off for post-pregnancy. For example, if it requires general anesthesia, try to put it off. Also be aware of any antibiotic prescriptions like tetracycline, which is capable of crossing over to your baby and damaging their teeth. On the other hand, you should be able to get any dental x-rays and regular cleanings done without worry.

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