Youth Athletes And Wisdom Teeth: When A Crack Requires Dental Implants

Wisdom teeth aren't necessary for a young athlete's dental health but can help maintain the shape of the face. When a youth athlete gets a cracked wisdom tooth, they may end up getting an infection that can lead to serious dental problems. Implants may be necessary for saving their teeth and avoiding more problematic situations.

How Sports Lead To Broken Wisdom Teeth

Any child playing sports is potentially putting their dental health at risk. Just think of the way athletes run, jump, and even slide or roll on the ground. All of that impact could potentially cause serious dental damage if they aren't careful. While some sports, like football, require a mouth guard, others do not and leave the mouth exposed to damage.

This situation can be even worse for the wisdom teeth. These large and bulky teeth are usually the last to grow in a teen's mouth and may suffer from cracks. When these cracks or breaks occur, their wisdom teeth may be at an increased risk of developing a serious and severe infection. This disease could spread through the mouth rapidly.

Breaks Can Lead To Infections

When wisdom teeth crack or break in the back of an athlete's mouth, they are more exposed to serious infections. This fact is particularly true for athletes because they are often hitting the field or getting dirt in their mouth while playing.

These contaminating items can cause their mouth to develop bacterial infections that can lead to gingivitis and other concerns. Thankfully, dental implants can help replace these teeth and prevent dental diseases from getting worse.

Dental Implants May Help

While it isn't always necessary to replace wisdom teeth in the mouth, dental implants may be a useful way to help keep the shape of your mouth intact. These artificial teeth will replace any broken and infected wisdom teeth. They will help keep the shape of the mouth and provide an athlete with a stronger set of teeth.

They are particularly nice for those who are prone to dental decay because they are stronger and last longer than normal teeth. As a result, youth athletes who are interested in college sports or even professional competition can have a full set of healthy teeth that look great and support their dental health effectively.

So if you think a crack in a wisdom tooth has led to an infection in your mouth, talk to a dentist today. They will treat the source of the infection and remove the wisdom teeth. They can then replace the wisdom teeth, if possible, with tough dental implants