Think You Can Do Without Your Dental Cleanings? 4 Reasons You Actually Need Them Twice A Year

If you haven't been scheduling your dental cleanings every six months, you're doing yourself a huge disservice. You might think that brushing your teeth is good enough to keep your teeth healthy, and your smile bright. However, that's not entirely true. In addition to the brushing and flossing you do for yourself everyday, you also need to extra care and attention your teeth receive during a professional cleaning. Here are just four of the reasons why you need to have your teeth cleaned at your dental office twice a year.

You'll Keep Your Teeth White

Your teeth may look their whitest, but you might be missing something, especially if you're not having them cleaned in your dental office twice a year. Those deep cleanings that your dentist can provide you with will remove all the stains and discoloration that you might not even realize you have.

You'll Keep the Tartar and Plaque Away

You may think that you're removing all the plaque and tartar from your teeth with your daily brushing and flossing, but you're actually not. In fact, you probably have plaque and tartar buildup between your teeth right now. That's because ordinary daily dental care can't get rid of all of the buildup. However, the tools that your dentist uses during in-office cleanings are specifically designed to get between your teeth, and below the gum line to remove the tartar, plaque and food particles that can harm your teeth and gums.

You'll Keep Track of Your Dental Health

You might not realize this, but those dental cleanings do more than just keep your mouth clean. They also give your dentist the opportunity to inspect your mouth for hidden problems, such as oral cancer. During your cleaning, your dentist will do a thorough inspection to make sure you're cancer-free. They'll also watch for other issues such as gum disease. Early detection is key to the proper care and treatment of oral cancer and gum disease.

You'll Keep Your Visits Pain-Free

You probably don't like having cavities repaired. You probably like root canals even less. Unfortunately, if you don't have your teeth cleaned twice a year, you may require painful dental procedures to repair damage to your teeth. However, when you have your teeth cleaned twice a year, your dentist can catch minor dental problems before they turn into issues that will require more painful treatment. Those twice a year dental cleanings will help keep your visits pain-free.