4 Tips To Help You Remove Your Invisalign Tray Easier

Happy Days! You've started your journey with Invisalign. You get to skip the wire braces and all of the pain and aggravation that comes with them. Unfortunately, these magnificent little trays do come with a bit of trouble – they can be a real bugger to get off of your teeth to brush. Before you get yourself worked up and anxious about them being stuck on your teeth forever, take a minute and read through the tips below. One, or a combination of the following tips will help you get the aligner off of your teeth with ease.

Keep Your Cool

Removing your trays can get frustrating. When you feel yourself becoming aggravated and overwhelmed, walk away and come back to it when you've calmed yourself.

Warm Things Up

Once you're cool, calm and collected, try warming the inside of your mouth up. Swish very warm water around in your mouth for half a minute. Then, try removing the tray. Sometimes, the heat will help to make the aligner more flexible and easier to remove from your teeth.

Grab at the Back

If you're trying to get the aligner off of your teeth by grabbing the front, you're going about things all wrong. Instead, reach in and grab the aligner towards the back. The tray will come off of your molars much easier because there is less of an alignment issue in the back of your mouth than the front. Grab it tightly and pull downwards and it should pop right off.

Get a Grip

If you just can't get a grip on the aligner to get it off of your teeth, it's time to step your game up a bit. Purchase an aligner hook – aka, an outie. These can be found at the pharmacy and will only cost a couple of dollars. This little tool has a small hook on the end of it that snags the edge of the aligner and gives you the grip you need to pull it off of your teeth.

Removing the aligner tray will get easier with time. Utilizing the tips above will help you get through the hard times at first and when you get your next Invisalign tray. Each time you get a new tray, you will experience a little trouble getting the aligner to come off, so print this tip list out and keep it in your bathroom for quick reference if you start to struggle again.

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