Bonding Or Veneers? How To Choose A Fix For Your Chipped Tooth

When you have a tooth that's chipped, you have a few potential ways to fix it. Dental bonding and dental veneers are both viable options that can improve the look of your smile and help to prevent further damage to the tooth. So how do you pick? Check out this guide to learn which one is right for you.

When Bonding is Necessary

Many people with chipped teeth can choose between bonding and veneers, but sometimes it isn't possible. Bonding is best when there's severe damage to a tooth and leaving it alone could lead to tooth sensitivity, cavities, or other dental problems. If your dentist has already told you that you qualify for both bonding and veneers, you don't need to worry about this. However, if you're not sure, it's best to ask your dentist before making a decision.

What Bonding Lacks

Bonding, as previously noted, is great at fixing severe chips and cracks of teeth. However, there are some drawbacks to the way that it does it.

When you have a chipped tooth, the last thing you want to go through is dental drilling. Unfortunately, if your tooth is ragged or has rough edges, it may be necessary to drill it first. This is simply to provide a smooth surface to the tooth for the bonding material to properly adhere to and build upon. While there isn't typically a ton of necessary drilling, if you're adverse to drilling it's best to skip bonding.

What Veneers Do Better Than Bonding

Dental veneers don't require drilling because they're attached to your teeth with dental cement. This adhesive is strong and long-lasting without the hassles of drilling coming first. If you have dental drill anxiety or a phobia, this means veneers are best for you.

In addition, veneers can improve the entire look of teeth. If you have chips out of your teeth in addition to staining or discolorations, veneers can make your teeth look healthy and white again.

Lastly, dental veneers help to provide cavity and acid damage protection to teeth by covering the entire front of a tooth. While bonding will reduce the risk of damage coming to the chipped part of your tooth, it doesn't impact the rest of the tooth.

Dental veneers are a great way of fixing up your smile if you have one or more chipped teeth. If the damage to your teeth isn't severe, veneers are the way to go.