Why A Dental Bridge Is A Good Solution For A Tooth That Is In Really Bad Shape

If you have a tooth in your mouth that is in really bad shape, your dentist might give you two options to deal with the problem. The first is to save the tooth by performing a root canal and placing a crown on the tooth, and the other option is to remove the tooth and place a dental bridge in its place. While both options are good, using a dental bridge will likely be an easier option to go through and may even be less expensive.

What a Dental Bridge Is

A dental bridge is an artificial type of tooth used to fill in a gap where a tooth once existed. When a gap is present, it can create a plethora of problems for you, and this is why it is never a good idea to leave a gap in your mouth. In a case where a tooth is badly decayed and you do not want to undergo a root canal, getting a dental bridge is ideal.

While there are different types of dental bridges available, the most common type consists of two main parts. The first part is the artificial tooth, which is created to fit perfectly in the gap that you have. The other part of a bridge is one or two crowns, which fit perfectly over the teeth next to the gap. The crowns are what hold the artificial tooth in place, and they are cemented to the other teeth to offer a very secure connection.

Why This Option Works Well Compared to Other Options

Going through the process of a root canal would be a necessary procedure if you wanted to avoid getting a bridge and wanted to save the tooth instead; however, root canals are not easy or fun. In fact, they typically require multiple visits to the dentist, and then you would still need to go back once or twice to get a crown made for the tooth.

With a bridge, you can get your tooth removed and then get the bridge made. Choosing this option would require fewer visits, and you would have an artificial tooth that looks and functions almost exactly like a real tooth.

Dental bridges are extremely popular in dentistry, and dentists can use them to replace just about any missing tooth you might have. If you would like a quote for a dental bridge, or if you just want more information about bridges, talk to your local dentist.