Habits That Will Harm Your Teeth

It takes more than just brushing and flossing your teeth to have a healthy mouth, and one of the things a healthy smile may take is for you to change some of your habits. If you have any of the following habits, you might be causing a lot of harm to your teeth each time you eat or clean your teeth. Therefore, avoiding the following habits will help you have healthier teeth.

Grinding and clenching

Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling like your jaw is sore or that you have a headache or pain in your face? These are all signs that you might grind and clench while you sleep and ignoring these signs will do no good. If you do not take the right steps, your grinding and clenching habits could lead to cracked teeth, worn-down teeth, and cavities. Many people end up harming their teeth from these habits because they do not realize that they even do them or because they do not realize how damaging these habits can be.

Using tobacco

Regularly using tobacco is another habit that will cause harm to your teeth. When you use these products, they can wear away your gums or cause a decrease in blood flow to your gums. Additionally, smoking often leads to major discoloration of the teeth and may increase your odds of gum disease.

Chewing on the wrong things

Some of the foods or treats you eat might be considered the wrong things to chew on for tooth health, but the wrong things can also include things that are not food items. For example, do you rip open packages with your teeth? If so, this would fall into this category. If you chew on ice a lot, this too could fall into the category of the wrong thing. Eating a lot of sticky, chewy foods is also not a good idea. All of these things can weaken teeth and make them more vulnerable for cavities, chips, and other problems.

Brushing too much or too hard

Finally, if you have the habit of brushing your teeth 10 times a day or brushing too hard, you might also be causing damage to your teeth, even though your habits might seem beneficial. You do not need to brush so often or so hard, as doing so may damage your tooth enamel.

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