Here's How Crooked Teeth Can Cause Abnormal Wear And Tear

When you have crooked teeth, it can change the way that your smile looks for the worse, but it can also cause some other problems for you. Abnormal wear and tear on your teeth can be a significant problem for people who have crooked teeth. If you think your teeth are crooked, here's what you might be facing in your future without help.

When Teeth are Crooked

Teeth ordinarily rest against each other evenly. This is to say that the entire upper jaw rests against the entire lower jaw. But when teeth are crooked, this isn't always the case. Teeth that are tipped over may keep the jaw from fully closing, which puts pressure on the sole teeth that do actually meet when your mouth is closed.

Pressure Points

These teeth pressure points are where damage can start to happen. The mouth isn't designed to apply all the pressure of the jaw on just a few teeth. While teeth are strong and covered in hard enamel that usually keeps them safe, that doesn't mean that they're immune to damage. Instead, this constant pressure can start to wear down the teeth that are meeting. This can cause them to become shorter, flatter, and eventually can wear down the enamel enough that the inner surfaces of the tooth or teeth start to become exposed. At this point you'd be in a lot of pain, because the nerves of the teeth would be exposed, too. 

Getting Help

While this is all very scary and upsetting, it doesn't have to be your future. If you do the right thing and get help now, you can prevent this from happening to your teeth later on.

Taking care of your teeth is as simple as asking an orthodontist about braces. While any braces will do in correcting the alignment of your smile, invisible braces might be the best choice for you in particular.

While you wear invisible braces, they'll start to correct your smile by gently moving teeth back into a proper position. However, the other thing that they'll do is fully wrap your teeth in resin or plastic, preventing your teeth from rubbing and grinding against each other. This can prevent further damage from being done while you're having your treatment, and once the invisible braces are ready to come out, your teeth will rest evenly against each other, so you'll no longer be at risk.

These are just some of the ways crooked teeth cause abnormal wear and tear and how to address this issue