Sedation Dentistry & Baby Teeth

For many parents, it is not always clear-cut why baby teeth should be taken care of. When a child is afraid of the dentist and does not want to go, why worry about baby teeth that are going to fall out anyway?

The issue is not necessary as clear-cut as you might think. In fact, there are many reasons why you should still take care of baby teeth, and there are many ways sedation dentistry can help.

Baby Teeth Leave Lasting Implications

Ultimately, it is important that you consider the lasting implications of your child's baby teeth. Just because they will fall out does not mean you shouldn't take care of them because they will impact the adult teeth that grow in. This is why sedation dentistry is beneficial for children who are afraid of the dentist.

Additionally, a child who has dental decay and teeth missing before they are ready can suffer from eating and speaking dysfunctions. Missing teeth and dental pain can cause a child to chew or speak irregularly, but sedation dentistry may be able to provide solutions to prevent this discomfort.

Decay Spreads Easily

Decay spreads from one tooth to another. One tooth that has a cavity is not isolated. The decay can spread throughout the tooth and the mouth, impacting adult teeth as well as baby teeth.

Sedation dentistry allows a dentist to fill a tooth without a child becoming scared. If decay has already spread to multiple teeth, sedation dentistry is even more important because the provider will need to spend more time filling cavities. Sedation takes away the intimidation of dental work when decay has spread.

Removing Teeth Impacts Future Placement

When baby teeth have to be removed, it actually has an impact on your child's future teeth. The teeth that grow in will not have the same guidance that they need, and they may grow crooked. Additional steps may be required to ensure that the tooth has space to come in.

If your child needs extractions, a sedation dentistry provider can remove the teeth and place a spacer in its home. This will provide your child the chance to have teeth grow as they should.

Contact Sedation Dentistry Providers

If you have concerns about your child's baby teeth, sedation dentistry can help. There are reasons to care for your child's teeth, and a dentist can provide more information about this process.