3 Dental Crown Myths Debunked

Dental crowns don't fail or disappoint as far as comfort, convenience, and aesthetics are concerned. But unfortunately, a lot of false information about dental crowns is propagated. Such myths could discourage you or hinder your journey toward a solution for your dental problem. This article debunks three popular dental crown myths.

1. Dental Crowns Make Your Teeth Appear Unnatural

One of the reasons some people believe that dental crowns appear unnatural is due to the gray line around the gum line. Nonetheless, the line only forms when the dental crown's edge shows through the gum. The scenario is only typical for crowns with a metal core. The good part is that you have many other crown materials.

Your general dentist matches the appearance of the dental crown to the rest of your teeth. The natural appearance is also based on a crown's correct choice. For instance, with proper fabrication and placement, zirconia and porcelain crowns go unnoticed. Finally, dental crown caps are designed to feel, appear, and work like your natural teeth.

2. Dental Crowns Are Resistant To Damage

Most crown materials are strong, but that doesn't make your dental crown impenetrable. Various cap materials have different lifespans, e.g., gold crowns last for decades while zirconia lasts for 10-15 years. Some crown materials are even stronger than your teeth. But, like your teeth, you must take good care of your crown to prevent damage.

Some of the common causes of crown damage include:

  • A blow to your face

  • Bruxism

  • Hard bites

  • Usual wear and tear

If your crown breaks, chips, or suffers damage, your general dentist can replace it.

3. Dental Crown Procedure Is Extensive and Painful

One of the common myths about dental crowns is that the procedure is excruciating. Unfortunately, some patients believe this and postpone visiting a general dentist. The fact is that a dental crown procedure is a solution and not a cause of pain. Besides, your dentist administers anesthesia to the tooth and nearby areas.

Although you may feel slight discomfort after the procedure, the pain is manageable and treated with painkillers. So, the pain level shouldn't discourage you from a dental crown procedure. Consider the process like any other basic medical procedure.


Don't let any false information about dental crowns discourage you from the procedure. Even if you already have crowns, the myths could make you take less than needed care of your caps. So, don't always trust all information that comes your way. Instead, if you are unsure or have conflicting information not discussed above, consult your general dentist to find out the truth.

Contact your general dentist to learn more.