Invisalign Works Great For College Students

Invisalign has become increasingly common as a tooth straightening method. And the reasons why are clear: Invisalign is nearly impossible to see on the teeth, does not cause as much cheek irritation as braces, and works with a busy lifestyle. Adults, especially, tend to prefer Invisalign to braces. So, if you're a college student, this might leave you wondering if Invisalign right for you. Chances are, it will work quite well. Here are some of its key benefits for college students.

Invisalign Only Requires Occasional Dental Visits

As a busy college student, taking time out of your schedule to see the dentist can be tough. WIth Invisalign, you only need occasional dental visits. At each visit, the dentist will give you a whole bunch of aligners that you'll change out every couple of weeks. You schedule a checkup appointment each time you're about to run out of aligners. And each checkup visit is pretty brief. You won't be sitting in the chair for a long time like you would if you were to get braces.

Invisalign Can Be Taken Out When You Eat

College students tend to eat a lot of quick meals and on-the-go meals. You may not want to spend time considering whether a food is too chewy or too crunchy to eat with braces. Having to pick food out of braces after eating isn't fun, either. With Invisible aligners, you can remove the aligners to eat. So, there are no true dietary restrictions. After eating, you just rinse your mouth with water and pop the aligners back in.

Invisalign Isn't Obvious on Your Teeth

If you have a busy social life like many college students, you probably want to preserve your smile as you straighten your teeth. Having braces and other orthodontic devices can make things awkward if you have an interview or a class presentation. With Invisalign, nobody will see the aligners on your teeth unless you point them out. And if you're really worried about how they look, you can always pop them out for an hour or so while you have your interview or give your presentation.

As a college student, it is really important to choose an orthodontic device that fits with your lifestyle. Invisalign is a great choice for many young adults in your shoes. Talk to a dentist in your area to learn more about Invisalign. They can give you a more precise idea of how many visits will be needed and how long you'd need to wear the aligners.