Dental Extraction Aftercare Tips

The time it takes for a dental extraction site to heal shouldn't be long. You only need to follow the aftercare instructions, and everything will be fine. Unfortunately, most people ignore the dentist's advice after the second day. If you want the dental extraction site to heal up faster, consider following these tips.

Get Enough Rest

Rest is essential when recovering from a dental extraction. Your dentist will insist on getting enough rest until the site heals. In that case, you must avoid strenuous activities for a couple of days. You should also remain in bed for a few days to quicken the recovery process. So, ask your boss for a few days off.

No Smoking 

You should also give up smoking for the next few days. Smoking is notorious for delaying healing after tooth extraction. The smoking action causes the healing wound to open up and bleed. So, wait for the injury to heal before returning to your smoking habits. 

Use Ice Packs

Dental extractions are always done under local anesthesia. As such, the entire process should be painless. Unfortunately, the anesthesia will wear off, and the pain will kick in. Luckily, you'll have some painkillers to help you with the pain. 

However, applying some ice packs around the affected area doesn't hurt. The numbing effect will provide some relief for some hours.

Eat Soft Foods

Hard foods are a no-go zone after you get a tooth extraction. So, no matter how much you love meat, corn, and other foods, you should stay away from them. Tough foods can hurt the extraction site. That said, you must stick to foods that are easy to chew for the next few days. Soft foods will minimize the chances of hurting your healing wound.

Don't Brush the Area

Getting a tooth extraction doesn't mean you shouldn't brush your teeth. You just need to be careful about how you go about it. So, as you brush your teeth, avoid touching the extraction site. Remember, the brush bristles might hurt the open wound. Therefore, you must wait for the area to heal before brushing the nearby teeth.

See Your Dentists in Case of Complications

Sometimes complications do happen after getting a tooth extracted. The bleeding may be too much, and the wound is clotting. You might also suffer excruciating pain for a few days after the procedure. You'll need to see your dentist to diagnose the problem if that happens. Don't just sit there assuming that the problem will go away on its own.

Speak to a local dentist to find out more.