Want To Improve Your Family's Oral Health? 4 Reasons To Have A Family Dentist

Growing up, you may not have had the luxury of visiting your dentist regularly. But now that you have a family and would like to give them the best, regular dental visits should be a priority. However, if each family member has their own dentist, you might find it challenging to visit different dental offices and consult different specialists. Have you thought about getting a family dentist? You might want to consider this option to enjoy the benefits highlighted below.

Your Root Canal Treatment Questions Answered

Many people have had cavities and fillings in their life. However, if you've been told you need root canal therapy, you may have a lot of questions. Root canal treatment often gets a bad rap, but it is a common procedure that is designed to prevent tooth loss. If you would like to know more, keep reading. Who Is a Good Candidate for Root Canal Treatment? Root canal treatment is designed to fix infected teeth, so your dentist will only recommend it if they find signs of infection or an abscess.

Can You Smoke After a Dental Extraction?

When you're scheduled to have a tooth extracted, you should start to think about how you plan to replace it. You may have already had this conversation with your dentist, so you might be deciding what's best for you—whether it's a dental implant, a dental bridge, or a partial denture. You may also have other short-term concerns, such as wondering when life will get back to normal after your extraction. The bleeding and discomfort associated with dental extractions will subside quite quickly, but you could be curious about when you can get back to old habits, such as smoking.