The Impact Of Smoking And Vaping On Cosmetic Dentistry

Did you know that smoking and vaping can impact your cosmetic dental health? In fact, smoking and vaping can have a dramatic effect on the effectiveness and longevity of dental treatments. If you are thinking about having new cosmetic work done on your smile or you've already had work done, it's important to know the impact smoking can have on your oral health, including the appearance of your teeth. Smoking Stains & Discolors Your Teeth

Myths You Might Believe About TMJ Syndrome

TMJ syndrome is a condition that affects the jaw muscles and joints, often resulting in debilitating oral health issues. This condition can make it difficult for individuals to eat, speak, and perform daily tasks. Common early warning signs of TMJ syndrome include pain and tenderness in the jaw joint, which may lead to headaches or even migraines. Additionally, affected individuals may have difficulty chewing or opening their mouths fully and experience clicking or popping sounds.

Dental Guards Prevent Damage To Teeth

A night guard is a dental aid that will protect teeth from becoming damaged. Your dentist may prescribe a dental night guard if you are known to grind your teeth while sleeping. Sleep Disturbances Sleep apnea, stress, or the side effects that are experienced from taking a prescription medication can cause a person to experience disruptive sleep patterns. An individual who experiences sleep disturbances may grind or clench their teeth. These actions can chip or crack teeth.

Dental Extraction Aftercare Tips

The time it takes for a dental extraction site to heal shouldn't be long. You only need to follow the aftercare instructions, and everything will be fine. Unfortunately, most people ignore the dentist's advice after the second day. If you want the dental extraction site to heal up faster, consider following these tips. Get Enough Rest Rest is essential when recovering from a dental extraction. Your dentist will insist on getting enough rest until the site heals.