Habits That Will Harm Your Teeth

It takes more than just brushing and flossing your teeth to have a healthy mouth, and one of the things a healthy smile may take is for you to change some of your habits. If you have any of the following habits, you might be causing a lot of harm to your teeth each time you eat or clean your teeth. Therefore, avoiding the following habits will help you have healthier teeth.

Here's How Crooked Teeth Can Cause Abnormal Wear And Tear

When you have crooked teeth, it can change the way that your smile looks for the worse, but it can also cause some other problems for you. Abnormal wear and tear on your teeth can be a significant problem for people who have crooked teeth. If you think your teeth are crooked, here's what you might be facing in your future without help. When Teeth are Crooked Teeth ordinarily rest against each other evenly.

Have Gum Disease? What To Know About Planing And Scaling

Gum disease is something that you need to take seriously, since it can have a lasting effect on your oral health that can lead to serious damage. Thankfully, your dentist has a way to treat gum disease through a process called planing and scaling. It is essentially a deep cleaning of your teeth that will help treat gum disease and prevent it from getting worse. Here is some more information on this oral health treatment:

Why A Dental Bridge Is A Good Solution For A Tooth That Is In Really Bad Shape

If you have a tooth in your mouth that is in really bad shape, your dentist might give you two options to deal with the problem. The first is to save the tooth by performing a root canal and placing a crown on the tooth, and the other option is to remove the tooth and place a dental bridge in its place. While both options are good, using a dental bridge will likely be an easier option to go through and may even be less expensive.

The Benefits Of Dental Bonding

If you are living with an imperfect smile, your teeth may play a huge role in your day to day life. You may be self-conscious about smiling or engaging in activities where your teeth may be seen, such as singing. Cosmetic dental procedures can help to resolve some of the imperfections that make you embarrassed or ashamed of your teeth, helping you to be confident in displaying them. One cosmetic treatment that can help with a variety of imperfections is dental bonding.

Need To Replace A Missing Tooth? Top Benefits Of Getting Dental Implants

One of the best ways to enjoy better health is by taking time to replace a tooth that's missing. There may be many reasons this occurred but working to fix this dental concern is vital. There are many reasons you'll want to schedule an appointment to have dental implants put in place and knowing what these are may helpful. 1. Stop other teeth from shifting It's possible for your existing teeth to begin to move out of place once you have an extraction.

Why You Should Choose Dental Implants Over Other Options

At some point in a person's life, he or she will experience some kind of dental issue. It makes it a lot easier to deal with if you know which procedure is best for you. In many cases, dental implants are the go-to option to correct serious dental issues. Here are just three of the reasons that you should consider receiving dental implants over other dental procedures if you are ever faced with the decision.

What You Should Know About Cancer Treatments And Your Oral Health

When you find out that you have cancer and you need chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, your primary focus is on getting better and getting the treatment you need to do that. However, there are many side effects that go along with chemotherapy and radiation therapy that you should be aware of when you are going through treatment. For example, you should know what effects chemo can have on oral health. Get to know some of the facts about cancer treatments and your oral health.

Top Tips For Decreasing Dental Phobia

Having a dental appointment scheduled may cause you a lot of anxiety. Millions of people deal with dental phobia, and it's not very pleasant. Being worried about your office can make it much more challenging to get the work done you need it. It's imperative to practice the right moves to ensure you get much better dental treatment without the stress. 1. Stick with the same dentist You may be tempted to try a new dental provider from time-to-time.

Does Your Child Have White Spots On Their Teeth?

Whether you're still taking care of your child's teeth yourself or you just perform regular inspections, you might be concerned if you notice white spots on your child's teeth. Here's what you need to know about this condition, how it can affect your child's appearance, and some ideas on how to proceed. Fluoride As you probably know, fluoride is utilized in things like toothpaste and drinking water to help boost the strength of teeth.

Three Things That Aren'T Ideal About Brushing With Activated Charcoal

If you're discussing dental care with a group of friends, there's a good chance that at least someone will share that he or she has heard about using activated charcoal to brush. This product has recently become popular for people who want to make their mouths healthier, but it's not without its problems. A big issue with activated charcoal is that people touting its benefits online may seem to suggest that it's a replacement for going to the dentist — which it certainly isn't.

Are Dental Implants Usually Successful?

Unlike many other dental procedures, getting implants requires a lot of work. Depending on the state of the bones in your jaw, you may even need complex surgical procedures, such as bone grafting. In addition to all this, there is the high cost of getting implants to consider. Compared to bridges and dentures, the upfront cost of an implant is high. With all this in mind, it's only natural that most people will want to know just how successful the procedure is likely to be.

Board Games You Can Play To Alleviate Children's Fears About Orthodontists And Dentists

If you have a child that is really worried or scared about going to the dentist or meeting with an orthodontist for the first time, there are lots of ways to help your child feel more at ease. Some of the more common suggestions are laughing gas and reading books about going to the dentist, but another way to introduce your child to the not so scary and often funny side of dentistry and orthodontics is through games.