2 Common Causes Of Bruxism

Characterized by a chronic clenching of the jaw and grinding of the teeth, bruxism can lead to many dental complications. From worn down tooth enamel, bite issues, and even sores on the inside of the mouth and on gum tissue, the dangerous of bruxism should be easy to see. While it affects an estimated 10 percent of people and 15 percent of children, bruxism is not understood well by most people.

Warning Signs, Risks, And Effects Of Gum Disease

If you care about your teeth, smile, and overall oral health, you may want to learn several important things about gum disease. Three good things to know are the warning signs of gum disease, the factors that affect your risk level, and the effects of failing to treat gum disease when it begins forming. Warning signs of gum disease Knowing the warning signs of gum disease will help you know just what to watch for in your mouth.

Is Your Work Slipping After Getting Braces? You Might Want to Try Invisalign

After years of trying to find a high-quality job, you finally landed one. Now you finally have high-quality dental insurance to treat your crooked teeth. However, you are noticing your work slipping after getting traditional braces and aren't sure what is going on. Unfortunately, there is a chance that you need Invisalign because you are embarrassed about your braces. Adults May Be Embarrassed By Braces First of all, there is nothing to be embarrassed about if you are getting braces as an adult.

How Your Dentist Can Tell You'Re Not Doing Your Job At Home

Many people think that they can make up for six months of not brushing their teeth well with some serious brushing right before their upcoming dentist appointment. However, all those months of neglect will be difficult to correct in a few days. Your dentist knows when you're not taking care of your oral health due to the following signs. Your Dentist Will See Plaque Plaque is not something that goes away with a few rigorous sessions of brushing.

Ways To Get Rid Of Tonsil Stones

Do you struggle with tonsil stones? If you are not sure what they are, tonsil stones are the small, white clumps made of bacteria and food particles that get stuck inside small pockets of the tonsils. These clumps smell bad and can lead to ear pain and sore throats. If you have these in your mouth and want to find a way to get rid of them, here are some at-home remedies you could try that may help you accomplish this.

How Is A Dental Implant Made?

Dental implants are metal posts that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath the gums. Once the metal screw had been integrated into the gums, your dentist mounts the replacement teeth or crown. Dental implants are made in a dentistry process composed of the following steps. Preparing the Jawbone For the dental implant procedure to be successful, your mouth must be prepped first. Your dentist will check whether your jawbone can support the implant.

3 Nighttime Dental Tips

When it comes to protecting your mouth, teeth and gums, brushing and regular visits to the dentist are a great start. However, they should not be your only approaches. There are several other things you can do to protect your smile, especially at night. Learn about some of the best nighttime practices that can keep your mouth healthier. 1. Stop After Brushing When you brush before bed, you want to make sure you are finished eating and drinking — even water.

What To Know Before Using Tooth Powders

Tooth powders are one of the hottest trends in alternative dental care right now, but they're far from a new product. In fact, tooth powders were some of the first widely used products for cleaning the teeth before toothpaste became popular. Tooth powders aren't the miracle cures they're often marketed as, but they can clean your teeth as well as pastes if you choose the right product.  Watch Out for Highly-Abrasive Ingredients

How A Straighter Smile Can Help Treat Your Chronic Depression

If you've been diagnosed with chronic depression, you've probably been prescribed numerous drugs and different types of therapy over the years. However, your doctors have probably never prescribed a set of braces to treat your disorder. It may sound unorthodox, but having a straighter smile can be an immensely helpful tool when it comes to alleviating depression. Having a Positive Self-Image Is Key There's no single cause for depressive disorders — they arise from a slew of neurological and psychological issues.

Bonding Or Veneers? How To Choose A Fix For Your Chipped Tooth

When you have a tooth that's chipped, you have a few potential ways to fix it. Dental bonding and dental veneers are both viable options that can improve the look of your smile and help to prevent further damage to the tooth. So how do you pick? Check out this guide to learn which one is right for you. When Bonding is Necessary Many people with chipped teeth can choose between bonding and veneers, but sometimes it isn't possible.

Correcting Routine Dental Myths

There are many different myths about dental care and treatments. Giving credit to common misconceptions can reduce your ability to make effective decisions when it comes to treating the types of issues that your teeth may experience. This makes it important to take aggressive steps to learn the truth behind some of the dental myths that are most commonly shared. Myth: A Cavity Will Always Cause Intense Pain Cavities can easily be the most common dental issue that patients will experience.

How to Revitalize Your Smile with a Gum Lift

When many people are not happy with their teeth, they opt for braces or other tooth-straightening orthodontia. However, if you are unhappy with the shape of your teeth, you may be thinking about getting permanent veneers or some other form of tooth coverings. If you are apprehensive about going that route, you may be interested in a gum lift. A gum lift is ideal for those who do not like the length of their teeth and wished they looked longer.

4 Tips To Help You Remove Your Invisalign Tray Easier

Happy Days! You've started your journey with Invisalign. You get to skip the wire braces and all of the pain and aggravation that comes with them. Unfortunately, these magnificent little trays do come with a bit of trouble – they can be a real bugger to get off of your teeth to brush. Before you get yourself worked up and anxious about them being stuck on your teeth forever, take a minute and read through the tips below.